The frequently asked Questions were designed to make sure that the clients have the chance to know every  information regarding containers.  The Frequently asked questions consider 3 factors: containers for sale, containers for hire and container conversion.

Container for sale.

There are many varying questions which are always asked by clients regarding containers for sale in Uganda. Here are some of the questions:

Do you sell kiosks in Uganda?

The Kiosks are some of the most common containers in Uganda. They are used by many businesses to make sure that they conduct business.  There are very small containers and those in about 10ft. We will help you get the best Kiosk for your business.  We do have a wide network of container suppliers who make it possible to get any kind of Kiosk that you are looking for.

The 40 and 20 feet containers remain some of the popular containers for sale in Uganda. They are always readily available for any client.

Why do I need a container for hire?

This might sound strange but a lot of people always ask themselves such a question. Containers are usually hired by traders who conduct several businesses across the country or between Uganda and its neigbours.

For traders who are starting out small, it might be possible to rent a container such that you keep doing business until the stage where you can afford your own. It will surely enable you continue in business.You can also hire a container for temporary use especially if you have product that you would like to store.

For example, in case you starting your construction project which may last some months, you may opt to keep all materials inside the container to keep everything safe.

Is container conversion necessary?

It is sometimes necessary to transform your container into anything. We can help you convert the container into shops, houses and anything that you might think of.

Enjoy the best Container conversion services by contacting us today.

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