How to Transport Commodities from Kampala to Kabale?

Moving commodities from Kampala to Kabale is common due to the fact that kabale is considered as the gateway to Burundi and Rwanda. Kabale Town is located no very far from the Katuna Border, the border between Uganda and Rwanda.

Uganda trades in some many commodities with its neighboring countries of Rwanda and Burundi. Some of the products that are transported to Rwanda and Burundi include Agricultural products, Fuel, Aluminium, soap, pharmaceutical products and others.

If you are planning to start transporting commodities to Rwanda through Kabale, you might be wondering how you will be transporting those commodities. Here are some of the suggestions:

For small quantities of product.

If you are starting out in this wonderful trade, you might start small and therefore; you might not have the capital to deal in large merchandise. You can start by transporting dry commodities in small containers such as 20ft containers. Some of the trucks have built containers already. You can start by using either small trucks to carry those commodities to Kabale or go for the 20ft container.

If you are dealing in Large quantities of dry products, consider using a large truck or 40ft containers. One of the advantages of storing items in the containers is that the goods are always safe, even if it rains; you are assured that the products are never affected.

Should you be dealing in perishable commodities, which rarely cross the border; you can opt for a refrigerated containers or trucks to transport your commodities.

Consider fuel trucks especially when carrying liquids.

Since petroleum products are some of the common items to be transported to Rwanda, you have to consider using fuel tankers. These tankers are able to carry large volume of liquids. And again, if you are starting out small, consider small fuel tankers however as you grow your business; you will have to opt for larger tankers.

With the construction of the new Kabale Airport, you can consider using air transport to carry some commodities.

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